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Lake Erie Fishing Charters
Providing the excitement of world-class fishing
on the open waters of western Lake Erie


 The Perfect Fishing Trip

 What could be better than to spend the day fishing?  The only answer would be to take advantage of a fishing charter that would guide you and your guests to make sure that your experience is the best it can be. 

 Our Lake Erie fishing charters are designed to be pure enjoyment for your entire party.  You could make it a family outing, a way to entertain business clients, or just the perfect way to spend a day with your best friends.

  Keeping It In The Family

 Spending the day with a family on one of our Lake Erie charters is a great outing for the whole family.  You may be seasoned veterans when it comes to fishing or you may be new to the sport, but either way you will have fun. 

 You can learn about the fine sport of fishing while bonding with the whole family.  This shared experience will bring you closer and give you memories that will last a lifetime. 

  Entertaining Clients

 Are you unsure of how to entertain clients?  Do you want to find a new and fun way to entertain them?  Do you want them to remember you long after the outing?  If so then you should consider taking them on one of our Lake Erie fishing trips. 

 A Lake Erie fishing charter will set you apart from the rest.  You may be looking for perch or small mouth bass, but you will find a way to stand apart from the rest.  Your clients are sure to love a Lake Erie walleye fishing charter. 

 Our Lake Erie fishing guides can help you if you and your clients are experts or if you know almost nothing about fishing.  Learning together can form relationships that will carry back into the boardroom and earn you friends in the business world.

  You Got To Have Friends

 Taking your friends out Lake Erie sport fishing is just a good idea.  Lake Erie offshore fishing is fun in and of itself, but with your best friends it can be amazing.  Spending time together on a fishing charter Lake Erie will bring you closer together than ever. 

 You can see that a fishing charter is a great way to mark any occasion.  Spending time with others fishing is time spent really getting to know who people really are.  Take the time and take the trip to enjoy our Lake Erie fishing charters.  We are located at the Lakefront Marina in Port Clinton, Ohio.


Lake Erie Fishing Charter for:
Small Mouth Bass

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